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Diary of a preemie mom-November Prematurity Awareness Month


November is Prematurity Awareness Month and something close to my heart.  13 years ago, our lives changed forever.  Here is a brief account based on my diary.

Back story:

April 13th(28 weeks pregnant), rushed to the hospital due to severe flu like symptoms…pounding headache that made me want to die, little did I know, we would both almost die.  Admitted into the hospital and put completely under anesthetic for an emergency c-section (after having seizures).  Kam was born at 2:19 am weighing only 2lbs. My mom said I saw her, but I still don’t remember that night.

I woke up to the Dr saying “she’s really little” and I had no clue what he was talking about.  I wasn’t having a baby, I had a headache.  3 days in the hospital (separate from my daughter since they moved her to another hospital) so that my pre-eclampsia could subside.  My parents and husband kept going back in forth between hospitals and bringing me video and pictures.  She was little, but shocking little when I finally got to see her.  Below are a few journal entries to share what happened during that time.

April 23-  weight 1lb 12 oz

Kam is a week and 2 days old. I got to hold her for the first time today for about 30 minutes. She’s not tolerating her feedings very well. She’s off her CPAP for tonight and they will start her feeds back tomorrow.

April 24-

Mrs. Dada was her nurse this morning and they x-rayed her stomach to see if the air went down in her tummy. She’s still not having any feeds. Spent hours trying to see her but they had two new admissions into the NICU. They started her feeds back this afternoon. Our dog died today….

April 25-

Called at 5:30am to check on her. She tolerated her feeds and is up to 1.5cc’s. Her daddy held her today.

April 30-

Dr called at 6 am and scared me to death! They are taking her off the CPAP and putting her under the oxyhood, inserting a tube in her tummy to relieve the air, stopped feeds for now.

May 1-

Back on CPAP, She has an infection and is on 3 antibiotics and 2 medicines for reflux.

May 7th-

FINALLY UP TO BIRTH WEIGHT! 2 lbs! Doing well with antibiotics CBC going down, hopefully she will start growing.

May 8th- my birthday

Received a call this morning and scared me to death. The put her back on ventilation because she was having too many bradies an the CPAP pushes too much air into her tummy. They stopped her feeds again. She was doing so well, but now…

May 12th

She pulled out the vent! so they went ahead and put her under the oxyhood. She needs to gain some weight.

From that point on she continued to gain a little weight and breath a little more on her own until she was finally released from the hospital on July 3rd at 5 lbs and 13 oz.


What this journal did not include was the emotional roller coaster of having a child in the NICU. Something a mother should never have to go through, but unfortunately 15 million premature babies are born each year. It’s devastating and very hard on families from the emotional aspect to the financial. There is one thing that can be done.  If you know of anyone that is in this situation, pray for them and their families.  Put them on your prayer chain at church, enlist your prayer warriors because they need all the spiritual healing they can get. 994611_724652040895187_1810486386_n

The MOST Important thing for a woman to know…YOU ARE LOVED!

And Jesus

YES!  You are loved!  Let’s get a couple of things out of the way…

  1. Material things will not make you happy or feel more loved…I’ve tried it. I have the shoes to show for it and the clothes to go with those shoes and the countless knick-knacks too!
  2. People will not make you feel loved…maybe for a moment, but you can’t tie your need for love to someone else…once again, I’ve tried…a couple of times!
  3. You can’t find your identity through someone else…once again, I’ve tried!
  4. You can’t find your purpose through someone else…yep, you guessed it..tried!
  5. You can’t find security…guilty!
  6. You can find acceptance….I KNOW, I’VE TRIED!

Ok, so HOW can you find true love?  Jesus!  YES, HE is the only one that can meet our deepest need for LOVE, ACCEPTANCE,SECURITY, PURPOSE AND IDENTITY.

So here’s the deal..when we long for all these things and look at the world to give it to us, we continue to feel unloved and it’s really not fair to the people in our lives.  We can’t put that type of expectation on them. THEY.ARE.NOT.GOD!

When I finally figured this out, things began to change.  Ya’ll!  I was at my darkest hour when I figured this out.  My marriage was crumbling (yes, my second one!  I told you I’ve tried pretty much everything to find true love!) and I refused to go through another divorce.  I begged God to show me what I needed to do and you guessed, it…HE showed me that I  couldn’t look to my husband to meet my deepest needs.  Yes, he has the ability to meet my needs and me, his, however, there is only one God that can truly meet those deepest needs and desires. HE KNOWS!

I was just like that Samaritan woman at the well John 4:1-42 talks about.  I was constantly searching for something and someone to make me happy and to help me feel loved.  I believe that once you get this, your world changes and you become the woman GOD intended you to be and it takes the pressure off everyone else!  THANK GOD!

Finding and believing this truth is the first step to creating a happy and fulfilling life. Take the leap of Faith, begin to read and believe.  It can change your life.

John 3:16  “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.

Psalm 139:13-17  

“For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;your works are wonderful,

I know that full well. My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place,

when I was woven together in the depths of the earth. Your eyes saw my unformed body; all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.

How precious to me are your thoughts,God!How vast is the sum of them!”


Ditch the Coffee-Mate and add 3 healthy ingredients to improve brain power!


So what is wrong with coffee creamer?  It’s full of JUNK!  The first three ingredients are Water (Ok), Sugar (not ok) and Vegetable oil (YUCK!) then the laundry list begins of all the other non-food ingredients and stuff (junk) that your body has a hard time breaking down.

If you are a creamer-a-holic like me..you add more cream than coffee, this is for you!  I’ve been trying to find something that I could drink consistently.  I’m not giving up coffee..just not going to to do.  I like it. I like drinking my hot coffee in the morning while I work or do my devotions.  I like coffee mugs!  And, according to WebMD, “coffee has a very strong antioxidant capacity”..sweet!  There have been many other articles written that show the benefits of coffee..it’s the junk we put in our coffee that masks them.

After doing some research, here is my substitute to Coffee-Mate that I’ve been drinking for a while.

1. Liquid Stevia-I use Sweet Leaf that I get from Kroger

Stevia leaf has no calories, is 100% natural, grown in Brazil and contains potassium, zinc, magnesium, iron and vitamin B3.  It is also 300 times sweeter tasting than sugar…that’s amazing for someone that LOVES sweet stuff!

2. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a spice that lower blood sugar, reduces heart disease, boost cognitive processing and may even help reduce cellulite…one of the main reasons I started adding it!  Plus, it just tastes good!

3. Coconut Oil-The mother ingredient and best thing out there!

Coconut oil increases energy, helps burn fat (fat burning coffee! yes, please!), has lauric acid (also found in human breast milk) that kills bacteria and fungus, is a natural appetite suppressant, improves blood cholesterol levels, may help prevent heart disease, increases brain function and could help increase thyroid health. (I told you it was good!)

I’ll be honest, it takes a while to get used to because creamer tastes so good!  But like anything that needs to be eliminated, the benefits outweigh the taste.  Plus, you get used to it and it becomes a part of your daily life.

I will never forget a former student of mine that while on a school trip to California, he would pack  a to go container full of breakfast food (because it was free!) and when we asked why he was doing that, he stated the he didn’t want to spend his money on food that he could eat for free. (that’s another blog post on finances) I was disgusted..how can he eat leftover eggs and cold biscuits..gross!  But, something he said resonated with me and changed my outlook…he said “I don’t eat food because it has to taste good, I eat food to nourish my body.”  Light bulb moment…not all healthy stuff  tastes amazingly good especially if you have a sweet tooth, but eliminating the bad stuff, replacing with the good, your body eventually gets used to it and runs a lot better.

So I encourage you to DITCH THE COFFEE-MATE and try the above concoction.

Live Healthy, Be the Example.

If you found this information, please share the love!





This past week, I heard two different podcast that seemed to contradict each other.  One was finding your soul-mate workout.  The idea that you should LOVE your workout and that you can find something that makes exercise fun.  Then, the other podcast talked about dying to the flesh and doing things that you know you have to do..wether you like it or not, just do it and you will be successful.  Ok, so which one is right?  I think they both can work.  Here’s the deal, working out is not fun for everyone. Some people love it, some people absolutely hate it.  Why though?  Everybody needs to do it, everybody needs exercise as a part of their lives.  It’s one of the things that can ward off disease and help people feel better.

So why is it so hard to do and stick with?

I believe there are two main reasons (other than physical disability) that hinder people from working out consistently.

1.  Not finding a workout plan they can stick to and not finding their soul-mate workout.

I dislike Insanity because it’s too intense for my body, my husband loves it!  I have done the entire program, however, when I pop in a DVD, Insanity is not my workout of choice.  My workout of choice is either TurboFire or PIYO.  Those are my soul-mate workouts.  Why?  Because I like the music, the danciness/athleticness of TurboFire and the low-impact of PIYO and I like they way I feel while I’m doing those two workouts. A soul-mate workout should be any physical activity that you love and can do at anytime. Some people love the high they get from running, others like swimming, others like home workouts like me! :)

2. MINDSET-having the mindset that they have to workout and that it’s a chore instead of something great they are doing for their bodies, their mind and their soul.

I had this mindset for a long long time and still fall back into this mentality if I’m not listening or reading my personal development.  Successful people exercise regularly because of how it makes them feel.  It’s a discipline.  This is where the second podcast (actually it was a sermon) came into play.  Dying to yourself, dying to your old mindset.  Sometimes we just have do it.  If we let our emotions rule, then guess what? If you have the mentality that working out stinks and you let that rule your thoughts, you will not work out.  Period. End of story.  You’ll continue to feel bad and you’ll continue to have the poor me pity party!  Suck it up, buttercup! CHANGE YOUR MINDSET. It’s really not hard, you just have to find your soul-mate workout plan and have the right mindset.

Easy Peasy! Now, if you need help with either one of those items, I’m here to help.  Reach out to me and let’s chat.

Live Healthy, Be the example. 


Healthy NO BAKE chocolate cookies

I’m a sugar-a-holic.  Yes!  I admit it.  I love anything chocolate, anything sweet.  I’m the one that used to eat Snickers and drink Dr. Pepper for breakfast then eat more sugar for lunch and for an afternoon snack because I felt jittery and self diagnosed myself as having low blood sugar.  CRAZY!

I no longer eat Snickers or drink Dr. Pepper and have reduced my sugar intake tremendously.  I don’t deny myself sweets, but I only eat them every once in a while.  Usually for special occasions like birthday parties or some sort of celebration.

Monday, I was craving something sweet so I whipped up these bad boys in less than 5 minutes.  Got a little ooooey gooey, but it was worth it for these healthy cookies!1012895_812631922160582_5845681923382480270_n


Wash hands very well and remove any jewelry. Combine all ingredients into a bowl (I use my Pampered Chef glass measuring bowl) and go to town mixing with your hands!  Then roll into balls and press flat to make cookies.  Stick in the freezer for a couple of hours and voila! I’m not a baker, I’m not a chef, I screw up most things I make, but I can do this!  Keep refrigerated if you have any left over 😉