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This past week, I heard two different podcast that seemed to contradict each other.  One was finding your soul-mate workout.  The idea that you should LOVE your workout and that you can find something that makes exercise fun.  Then, the other podcast talked about dying to the flesh and doing things that you know you have to do..wether you like it or not, just do it and you will be successful.  Ok, so which one is right?  I think they both can work.  Here’s the deal, working out is not fun for everyone. Some people love it, some people absolutely hate it.  Why though?  Everybody needs to do it, everybody needs exercise as a part of their lives.  It’s one of the things that can ward off disease and help people feel better.

So why is it so hard to do and stick with?

I believe there are two main reasons (other than physical disability) that hinder people from working out consistently.

1.  Not finding a workout plan they can stick to and not finding their soul-mate workout.

I dislike Insanity because it’s too intense for my body, my husband loves it!  I have done the entire program, however, when I pop in a DVD, Insanity is not my workout of choice.  My workout of choice is either TurboFire or PIYO.  Those are my soul-mate workouts.  Why?  Because I like the music, the danciness/athleticness of TurboFire and the low-impact of PIYO and I like they way I feel while I’m doing those two workouts. A soul-mate workout should be any physical activity that you love and can do at anytime. Some people love the high they get from running, others like swimming, others like home workouts like me! :)

2. MINDSET-having the mindset that they have to workout and that it’s a chore instead of something great they are doing for their bodies, their mind and their soul.

I had this mindset for a long long time and still fall back into this mentality if I’m not listening or reading my personal development.  Successful people exercise regularly because of how it makes them feel.  It’s a discipline.  This is where the second podcast (actually it was a sermon) came into play.  Dying to yourself, dying to your old mindset.  Sometimes we just have do it.  If we let our emotions rule, then guess what? If you have the mentality that working out stinks and you let that rule your thoughts, you will not work out.  Period. End of story.  You’ll continue to feel bad and you’ll continue to have the poor me pity party!  Suck it up, buttercup! CHANGE YOUR MINDSET. It’s really not hard, you just have to find your soul-mate workout plan and have the right mindset.

Easy Peasy! Now, if you need help with either one of those items, I’m here to help.  Reach out to me and let’s chat.

Live Healthy, Be the example. 


Healthy NO BAKE chocolate cookies

I’m a sugar-a-holic.  Yes!  I admit it.  I love anything chocolate, anything sweet.  I’m the one that used to eat Snickers and drink Dr. Pepper for breakfast then eat more sugar for lunch and for an afternoon snack because I felt jittery and self diagnosed myself as having low blood sugar.  CRAZY!

I no longer eat Snickers or drink Dr. Pepper and have reduced my sugar intake tremendously.  I don’t deny myself sweets, but I only eat them every once in a while.  Usually for special occasions like birthday parties or some sort of celebration.

Monday, I was craving something sweet so I whipped up these bad boys in less than 5 minutes.  Got a little ooooey gooey, but it was worth it for these healthy cookies!1012895_812631922160582_5845681923382480270_n


Wash hands very well and remove any jewelry. Combine all ingredients into a bowl (I use my Pampered Chef glass measuring bowl) and go to town mixing with your hands!  Then roll into balls and press flat to make cookies.  Stick in the freezer for a couple of hours and voila! I’m not a baker, I’m not a chef, I screw up most things I make, but I can do this!  Keep refrigerated if you have any left over 😉

Check out this acne treatment!


This picture is a before and after of my 12 year old daughter.  She’s been struggling with acne for a about a year now and I’ve bought so much money in treatments, I want to scream!  Because she didn’t use any of it!  She’s the kid that gets in the shower and moves around so much that the water probably doesn’t even touch her..(I’m being sarcastic, however, if you have an ADHD kid, you might understand!).  I’ve harped on diet, heck I’m a health and fitness coach! She eats half way decent most dinners, however, she will not drink Shakeology unless I make her.  BUT, she’s been doing one simple thing the last 3 weeks.  She’s been drinking a bottle of H9 water every morning.  I can’t even believe it.  I, of course, had to “make” her drink it for the first week, then she came to me and said “Mom, I think my face is getting better!”.  Honestly, I couldn’t tell a difference, but said..”GREAT!” keep drinking your water.

I haven’t had to make her drink it since then and I’m amazed at how much better her face really is!  And, she informed me that she hasn’t been washing it! UGH!  I don’t know wether to bang my head up against the wall or just be happy that she’s doing SOMETHING!  I can only imagine what her face would look like if she actually used the acne products and drank the water every day!  Maybe, she will get it soon.

My point is..THE ONLY THING SHE HAS CHANGED IS DRINKING 1 BOTTLE OF H9 WATER EVERY MORNING. That is it.  Why would that make a difference?  Her body is FINALLY getting hydrated.  Her pores are able to get rid of all the junk..she’s peeing out the yucky stuff and it’s helping her complexion.  I also need to mention that her and my son are going to the bathroom..#2…(If she ever reads this, she will be so embarrassed!) But, it’s the truth.  When you don’t eat enough leafy greens, enough fiber, enough good healthy stuff, you don’t eliminate all the waste properly.  It’s the truth, however, since they’ve both been drinking H9, they are both going to the bathroom, REGULARLY.

We always preach being strong, eating healthy and fueling the body. We DO NOT talk about losing weight or dieting.  I love it because now, the kids call H9, STRONG WATER and they DRINK IT!  My picky kids that don’t want to eat anything healthy, will at least be getting hydrated.

I know how much better I feel, now that I know my body is hydrated and I’m seeing the results in my kids as well.  To me, it’s HUGE!  With so much crap out there, I feel like I’ve got an upper hand and can help them be healthy and give them something that will help fuel their bodies at an optimal level. We walk around in a slightly dehydrated state anyways, and it’s so important for our kids to be hydrated as well, as ourselves.  I highly recommend checking out H9 for yourself!





As a health and fitness coach, I’m constantly preaching “DRINK YOUR WATER!” because it is so important to be hydrated.  As a busy mom, I’m always trying to get the water intake figured out.  I’ve set out so many bottles of water, I’ve done the pretty water bottle container thing, the wrist band switch, the carry a gallon jug around method..honestly, I’VE TRIED IT ALL!

I was recently approached by a friend of a friend that knows I’m very health conscious..it’s my living, I am a product of the product and I believe in our workouts, dense nutrition and being hydrated, but what I didn’t realize was that I stressed about my water intake.  I just don’t drink enough. Period. So about 3 weeks ago, I decided to give structured water a try and I’ve been truly amazed.  Here’s what my routine looked like 3 weeks ago:

Alarm 1 4:30 am (hit snooze for several more rounds)

Get up 5:30am

Drink pre-workout and do devotional

Workout 6:00am

Work/kids 6:30-3:00pm


Dinner 5:30-6:30pm

Hubby gets home 6:30pm and I’m done

Bed by 8:00pm


New routine:

Get up drink structured water with or without pre-workout 5:00am (much easier to get out of bed!)

5:00-5:30 am Devotion

5:30-6:00am BUST OUT AN INCREDIBLE INSANITY MAX 30 WORKOUT! (yes, I can actually tell a difference in my workouts!)


How do you know if you are hydrated?  Your urine should be almost clear.  I know, gross, but it’s the truth.  After drinking one bottle of H9, I feel good and hydrated.

Also, did you know that 7% of Americans don’t even drink an ounce of water?  So many people do not understand the importance of being hydrated and things like migraines and back issues could be alleviated by HYDRATION.

Another reason, I decided to drink structured H9 water is to be the example for my kids.  This is one thing that they will drink.  My picky boy is now going to the bathroom (#2) every single day and my ADHD 12 year old is feeling better and her acne is getting better.  What have we changed?  We’ve added H9 into the plan.

I highly recommend checking out this new concept in hydration for yourself.  Click here for the video.





This morning, my husband and I had a killer workout session!  It’s been a few weeks since we worked out together and it was nice.  No talking, just a lot of huffing and puffing and a few words of encouragement.

I captioned this photo with “The Couples that Pray and Workout Together Stay Together” but there is a LOT more to it than that.  It’s constant WORK.  It’s a PRIORITY.

Let me tell you it’s not easy.

It’s not easy celebrating our husband’s differences.  I have a hard time being happy about his constant gum chewing or other noises he continues to make, but I can’t change him.  DID YOU READ THAT?

I CAN NOT CHANGE MY HUSBAND.  How do I know?  I’ve spent many years trying to do it.  I am divorced partly because I wanted to change my first husband.  Crazy, right?  Well, I think a lot of women fall into this category and when their guys don’t change, they bail or they put all their effort into the kids and the relationship fails anyways.

Ladies, Mommas, Husbands, Dads..you both have to work on yourself and your relationship with Jesus Christ while working on your other relationships.  Yep, I’m gonna get preachy! Why?  Because of experience. Oh man, that good ole’ thing called experience.  Why would you take marriage advice for someone who’s on their second marriage?  EXPERIENCE! And did you know that second marriages have a higher divorce rate?  Like 80%? Not good odds at all.

Here’s the deal, I had to have a stake in the ground moment.  That moment when I had to figure it out and the only way to could do it was to lean on the Lord to do it.  I wanted to throw in the towel, I wanted to give up, but I refused to be repeat something that I had already done.  I had repented, yes, asked forgiveness and I could not repeat that action.  Nope, wasn’t happening.  I was already a statistic..yes, part of the 50% of marriages that don’t last.  I was not going to be a part of the 80%. I had no reason.  My husband is not abusive or an adulterer.  No reason whatsoever.  We are different, we have different opinions and the key is awareness.  We are not perfect by any means.  We fought just yesterday!

The thing is we know that our relationship is fragile, it can easily be broken if we let our guard down. It can easily become the last priority.

So here’s a few tips:


1. RESPECT YOUR HUSBAND:  This is so hard, you know why?  Because God created women to LOVE and NUTURE..it’s deep within us to do those things.  It’s not deep within us to respect and I’ll be honest, I fail daily in this area, but I’m working on it. I’m aware!  This is something we learned from the Love and Respect study.  One of the studies that saved us both from making a huge mistake.

2. REPECT YOUR HUSBAND IN FRONT OF YOUR KIDS: Yep, Your kids need to see that their mom respects their dad. Be the example.  If you have a son, think about this…think about his future wife…would you like his future wife, your future daughter-in-law to talk to your precious baby boy the way you talk to your husband?  WOW!  (don’t worry, that’s when it hit me too!)

3. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF, MIND, BODY AND SOUL.  If you aren’t a healthy person, how can you have a positive relationship?  You have to get the help you need.  ***Disclaimer, if you think that you suffer from depression, seek professional help.*** Pray, seek HIM first, learn about God’s LOVE for you.  I was expecting my husband to love me enough..guess what, I was expecting him to be Jesus.  That’s a lot of pressure for any man!  Also, do the work.  I spent a year focusing getting my mind right so I can be the best wife, mom and business owner I can be.  It took work, it took effort, it took some mindset shifting and it was WORTH IT.  Exercise, eat healthy, hydrate your body, when you feel better, you make better decisions, you think more clearly, and you are more positive.  It all works together.


1. LOVE YOUR WIFE AS CHRIST LOVED THE CHURCH:  There it is.  Love, love, love…Eros love and Agape love. It is a command.  It’s not natural. You have to work at it.  Just like your wife has to work at being unconditionally respectful.  Check out the Love and Respect..it is truly one marriage study the guys LOVE..why?  Because it deals with your number #1 need. RESPECT.

2. LOVE YOUR WIFE IN FRONT OF THE KIDS: Take up for her, Love her, back her up on decisions ESPECIALLY if she’s a stay at home mom.  We got on the Crazy Cycle just yesterday because our son said he didn’t love me and that his card was for his Daddy.  I was crushed.  I’m with him all the time, I  play with him, I tell him how strong he is, and I encourage him to be a boy and we celebrate when he farts.  My husband didn’t really understand it and to be honest, he didn’t make me feel any better when I first talked to him because he wanted to fix it, he told me his observations and then the cycle begins.  Back and forth until someone steps off and says enough.  Guess what?  He came home and was more loving especially in front of our son.  He was leading by example.

3. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF MIND, BODY AND SOUL: Your wife can not love you enough. You have to know that God is crazy about you and he made you different from her. Deal with your past hurts, failures, stuff and be the man that God commanded you to be.  Also, workout, eat right, hydrate your body and be the leader of your family.  You guys have a hard job.

My final point…YOU MUST WORK TOGETHER.  Yes, work on yourself, but also make your marriage a priority.  It has to come FIRST before anything other than your personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  You get this right and everything will fall into place.  You put it last, you will be divorced.

DO NOT BE A STATISTIC!  Be that proud family that fights to stay together, be that proud couple that mentors others and are the examples.

For more info please check out these resources.






Now, go be GREAT!